DR WHO 8TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL / New fanzine from Wonderful Books

Wonderful Books has now announced the Dr Who 8th Anniversary Special, a gorgeously designed and humourous homage to the RADIO TIMES Doctor Who 10th Anniversary Special originally published in 1973.

The (Not-RADIO TIMES) Dr Who 8th Anniversary Special showcases writer and designer Paul Smith's talents in a 36 page fanzine covering the last 8 years of Doctor Who's return to our screens. Paul has designed and written the fanzine in collaboration with an array of contributors, commissioning commentary from professional and fan writers Andrew Blair, Alison Jane Campbell, Johnny Candon, Frank Collins (that's my good self), Martin Day, Philip Sandifer, JR Southall, Keith Topping and Alex Wilcock and design from artists Lydia Butz, Benoit Drombey, Jason Fletcher, Alea LeFevre, Jon Pinto, Westley Smith, James Taylor, Will Thompson and more. What a talented bunch!

You will probably recall Paul's stunning work on The Wonderful Book of Dr Who 1965, a tongue-in-cheek look at the very first year of Doctor Who and itself a witty homage to BBC Books' The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who 2011. This proved to be a huge success as an online flipbook (more than 26,500 views on Issuu.com to date) and the positive reaction led to Paul producing a small number of printed copies, now into a second print run, with extra content. The Dr Who 8th Anniversary Special similarly offers a visual treat and a witty, affectionate tribute to the series.

The Dr Who 8th Anniversary Special - a not-for-profit publication - can now be previewed and ordered from Wonderful Books.

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