TALKING WHO - Interview with Classic TV Press

A quick plug for the lovely chaps over at Talking Who, the live weekly webcast show. Sean and Elisar managed to chat with Andy Priestner, of Classic TV Press, back in July at the London Film and Comic Con. Classic TV Press publish a range of books about classic and current television, including Doctor Who, Being Human, Secret Army and Survivors, and you can find their catalogue here.

As well as promoting my own already published book Doctor Who - The Pandorica Opens, Classic TV Press are now looking forward to publishing director Michael E Briant's memoirs in the not too distant future. Briant's book promises to offer fans lots of new anecdotes about Doctor Who from the period that he was involved in the series as well as his reflections on other British television shows.

Doctor Who - The Pandorica Opens has now also been made available for Kindle and you can also purchase the print version direct from the shop at Classic TV Press

The interview with Andy is about 51 minutes into the latest edition of the show.  The show also covers recent episode The God Complex and the classic Tom Baker era story The Horns of Nimon and the conclusion of Torchwood Miracle. Plus exclusive footage from the Day of the Daleks Special Edition launch and audience reaction to the story.

Many thanks to Andy, Sean and Elisar for their support.

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