THE PANDORICA OPENS - DWM Non-Fiction Book Review

I know... I can't stop harping on about my book - Doctor Who - The Pandorica Opens: Exploring the Worlds of the Eleventh Doctor. But then it's so good to see it get a very favourable review in this month's Doctor Who Magazine. Very flattered to be included in Issue 431's review section. Thanks!

While I'm here I feel it only fair to mention a couple of rather spiffing things in the current issue apart from my book getting the thumbs up.

There are two excellent interviews this month. One with Mark Gatiss who, refreshingly, does have some reservations about 'that' Dalek design and talks very briefly about his forthcoming episode of the new series and the plans for the second series of Sherlock.

The other interview you should read is the one with Janet Fielding. As ever she's outspoken about her time in Doctor Who, her relationship with Tom Baker and Matthew Waterhouse and how the production treated all of the young actors on the show in the 1980s. I like Janet. She speaks her mind.

Both interviews are perceptive, well written pieces, often referring back to comments made by both parties in previous interviews and succeed in getting beyond the pat answers to pat questions that tend to litter similar interviews elsewhere.

There is also a very passionately argued Production Notes from Steven Moffat where he takes to task Stephen Fry, Jimmy McGovern and Trevor Eve for their recent comments about the series which have decried the show for being 'junk food', 'just for kids' or having too much money spent on it.

While I may wish to debate in specific terms about the standard of the recent series (and you can read all about it in my book - go, on, you know you want to) on the whole I tend to agree with many of Mr. Moffat's views about Doctor Who in that foreword.

By the way, if any of you are ordering Doctor Who - The Pandorica Opens then I suggest you go straight to the publisher Classic TV Press and buy it there. Amazon currently says 'temporarily out of stock' but believe me, it isn't. It's Amazon's bizarre system that's chucking that message out. You can still order there or via Amazon Marketplace, or in fact from Galaxy Four, The Who Shop and other on-line outlets, but it's cheaper and quicker via the publisher. Enjoy!

Doctor Who Magazine 431 is in the shops now. 

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