THE AVENGERS - 50th Anniversary Celebration: 25 & 26 June 2011


This summer is going to be very special if you're a fan of The Avengers. The University of Chichester is mounting what will probably be the greatest gathering of The Avengers alumni to celebrate the show's 50th Anniversary.

This event takes place over the weekend of 25th and 26th June at the University of Chichester and will feature live interviews, screenings, signings, exhibitions, book stores, parties and much much more. An incredible line up of actors, writers, directors and producers will be present and will feature in a number of guest panels.

Interviewers and Panel Members
Paul O’Grady (Special Guest Host), Dick Fiddy (BFI), Jaz Wiseman (who produced all the recent DVD re-releases of The Avengers for Studio Canal/Optimum), Marcus Hearn (author of the recent book, The Avengers: A Celebration), Chris Bentley (author of The Avengers: On Location), Henry Holland (Production Assistant on The Avengers DVD re-releases), Kim Newman (well-known film critic who writes for Empire magazine and many other publications) & Dr Adam Locks (senior lecturer in Media Studies at the University of Chichester).

Leonard White - Producer Series 1 & 2, Brian Clemens - Scriptwriter series 1 to 6, and producer on series 4 to 6, Honor Blackman  - Actress:'Cathy Gale', Linda Thorson - Actress: 'Tara King', Jon Rollason - Actor: 'Dr. Martin King', Julie Stevens - Actress: 'Venus Smith' in series 2, Jonathan Alwyn - Director series 1, John Hough - Second unit director, John Carson - Actor: 'Marten Halvarssen' Anneke Wills - Actress: 'Judy / Pussy Cat, Jane Wentworth' , Gerry O’Hara - Director series 4 & 5, Jennifer Croxton - 'Lady Forbes-Blakeney' in series 6, Don Leaver - Director series 1 to 4, Robert Fuest - Director series 6, Raymond Austin - Stunt arranger & director series 4 to 6, Martin Woodhouse - Scriptwriter series 2 to 4, Roger Marshall - Scriptwriter series 2 to 5, Richard Bates - Script editor series 2 and 3, Richard Harris - Scriptwriter on series 1, 5 and 6, Robert Banks Stewart - Scriptwriter on series 4, Jeremy Burnham - Actor in 4 episodes and writer of 7 episodes, Cyd Child - Diana Rigg and Linda Thorson stunt double series 5 and 6, Howard Blake - Composer on series 6

The event will also be screening new & exclusive video contributions from Patrick Macnee, Laurie Johnson and Joanna Lumley.

As you can see from that line up you've not only got the core actors, writers and directors who brought The Avengers to life but pretty much the key individuals that worked in British television in the 1960s and 1970s on numerous highly regarded shows from Public Eye to Doctor Who. This is an event not to be missed by any fan of archive British telly.

The event, organised by Adam Locks, his colleague Michael Holley and Optimum’s DVD producer, Jaz Wiseman, is fully supported by Optimum/Studio Canal (who are supplying DVD box sets for weekend prizes) and have many of their screenings provided by both them and the BFI. Click on the links to read my reviews of the Series One/Two, Series Three, Series Four and Five DVD releases.

To book tickets go HERE

You'll be able to find more details about the programme of events, the guests and how to book accommodation on the official site The Avengers 50th Anniversary Celebration 

Thanks to Adam Locks and his team at University of Chichester.  THE AVENGERS is Copyright © STUDIOCANAL and CANAL+IMAGE UK Ltd and respective licence holders. No attempt to infringe this copyright is intended.

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