BEHIND THE SOFA...It's Time to Say Goodbye

A very brief note... well, the kettle's on, I'm gasping for a cuppa and most of the country has just been informed by The Telegraph that...yes, shock-horror... the economy has shrunk. It's what happens when your leaders put everything on a boil wash. And when it snows, apparently.

Despite these pressing matters, I feel it is only fitting to mark the departure of Behind The Sofa, the collaborative Doctor Who blog that I had the good fortune to contribute to for three years. Sadly, it is putting up the 'Closing Down Sale' notice and seems to be yet another victim of these times of enforced austerity.

I shall miss the place terribly. I kicked off with a review of 'Planet of the Ood', if memory serves me well, and the last was 2010's 'A Christmas Carol'. I even threw in reviews of Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures along the way. It was a pleasure to concoct views about Doctor Who and its many iterations that were both irreverent (dildos and pink slingbacks, anyone?) and stuffed with 'over-analysis' in such a way that the good Doctor was given a right good Foucault-ing. In some small way I'm sure BTS influenced the eventual publication of the book what I wrote. Neil, John, Damon and company certainly managed to barge their way into the foreword. Typical.

So, it just remains for me to thank them for a lovely time. The BTS archives will remain on line and are well worth a dip into.  I will continue to educate and inform right here until they throw me in a bath chair and force me to watch endless re-runs of Triangle.

Now, go and celebrate the return of their equally fabulous Tachyon TV website. Who knows, you might see me there...

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2 Responses to “BEHIND THE SOFA...It's Time to Say Goodbye”
  1. Oh dear. As someone who often popped in to read "BTS",this is bad news. I'm really going to miss its interesting reviews of Doctor Who and its sister series SJA and Torchwood. :(

  2. Sad, I know, but not bad news really.

    I'm still here and will be posting 'Doctor Who', 'SJA' and 'Torchwood' reviews, as are the the twin BTS gods of Neil and John over at Tachyon TV and I've no doubt they will be doing likewise on their site.

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