YOU'VE REDECORATED...HMMM, I DON'T LIKE IT! / Blogging into 2011

So quoth the Second Doctor on a visit to UNIT headquarters. Well, I've had the decorators in this week and given the site a spruce up. After all, Cathode Ray Tube has been diligently working away now for over three years and it was time for a change.

It has been a little quiet on here of late and that's simply because I've been busy with the book I've just had published and which has been received very warmly by some of you. Catch the reviews of Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens over at and Gareth Bundy's blog. Signed copies of that book are still available at The Who Shop in London and at Blackwell's University bookshop in Manchester. You can also buy direct from the publisher

Now that things are back on a more or less even footing, you can look forward to reviews of the Doctor Who Christmas Special and more BFI Flipside DVD releases in January. Plus I'm threatening to do a 'best of 2010' thing to include all the books, DVDs and music I just didn't get a chance to do full reviews of in the last six months. I hope you'll stick around.

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2 Responses to “YOU'VE REDECORATED...HMMM, I DON'T LIKE IT! / Blogging into 2011”
  1. Compliments on the new look, and more generally on the season!

  2. Thanks Matthew! And the very best wishes for the Christmas and New Year to you.

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