As we await the arrival of Doctor Who - The Pandorica Opens: Exploring the Worlds of the Eleventh Doctor from the printer and the day you finally all get a copy of it in your hot little hands, I was very kindly asked to contribute to Iain Hepburn's monthly pod cast The Thumbcast this week. Iain's been a champion of my reviews and it was a delight to speak with him.

That pod cast is now up on his wonderful website and you can hear yours truly waffle on about the book and the last series of Doctor Who. Have a listen below as we discuss Scottish agendas, story construction, Amy Pond, rubber monsters and running up and down corridors. Please then rush off to Classic TV Press and order your copy now. I have a Blu-Ray and DVD habit to support and your purchases will at least delay me from trying to sell my body on the streets.

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One Response to “THUMBCAST INTERVIEW: The Pandorica Opens - Exploring the Worlds of the Eleventh Doctor”
  1. Andrea says:

    I found that interview very interesting Frank - too interesting to pause it and make my tea actually! I am now looking forward to reading your book even more than I was.

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