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A quick plug for a fellow reviewer and writer, Joanne Black. We share the same publisher and it gives me great pleasure to tell you about her own book on a favourite series of mine, Being Human.

While we eagerly await the third series of this cult supernatural drama starring Russell Tovey, Aidan Turner and Lenora Crichlow, this new book examines all the characters, episodes and plots from the first two series. The mythology behind the series is also explored as are the locations and the birth of the show back in 2008. The book is illustrated throughout by Chris Wreford.

Being Human, created for BBC Three by Toby Whithouse, puts the supernatural firmly into the everyday world.

That cute, geeky hospital porter? A werewolf.
A flash of a sunny smile and some grey leggings? A ghost.
The dark-eyed Irish guy at the bar? A vampire.

George (Russell Tovey), Annie (Lenora Crichlow) and Mitchell (Aidan Turner) live in a pink house in Bristol and all they want is to be normal, to fit in - to be human.

After a successful pilot in 2008, a full series of Being Human was commissioned and shown in 2009, with a second series following in 2010. The pilot gained an enthusiastic and vocal online fanbase - a community that grew and grew throughout the series, helping to give BBC Three one of its most successful programmes.

As well as reviewing each episode from the first two series in detail, Joanne Black's book looks at the birth of the show and profiles the characters and the mythology behind them. Not forgetting - of course - the plots, the themes, the darkness and the humour, in fact just about everything that being human really means.

An affectionate, humorous, and occasionally slightly sarcastic, exploration of the world of Being Human. A must for all fans of the series.

The book is published 6th December 2010 and the full press release is now available here. Please feel free to download and promote the book via your websites and blogs. 

You can order direct from the publishers Classic TV Press at the discounted price of £12.49 and get that delivered straight to your door cheaper and faster. It is also available via Amazon.


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