DOCTOR WHO - The End Of Time Preview Clip / BBC One Christmas Idents

A joint promo for The End Of Time and The Gruffalo has been airing. Here's the preview for The End Of Time, offering more deliciousness! The End Of Time Part One is scheduled for 6.00pm on Christmas Day, with a running time of 60 minutes, and Part Two is scheduled for 6.45pm on New Years Day, with running time of a whopping 75 minutes.

Two editions of Doctor Who Confidential - 'Lords and Masters' and 'Allons-y' (both at 60 minutes) will presumably air straight after each part of the story.

Here are the Christmas idents for BBC One, featuring a Doctor Who theme as rumoured some time ago. There's the main ident and three smaller stings. You'll be sick to death of them by the New Year but they are, for the moment, rather jolly. They'll be on screen from December 12th.

Main Ident:

Sting 1:

Sting 2:

Sting 3:

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  1. I've done a similar blog with spoiler photos for The End Of Time.

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