More filming took place last night for the two part finale for the Tennant era of Doctor Who.












It would seem that a flashback sequence to 2005 is on the cards for the Tenth Doctor. The crew have returned to the Powell estate, the home of Rose, Jackie and Mickey, covering the location in special effects snow. David Tennant, Billie Piper and Camille Coduri were all on set shooting scenes that indicated that it is New Year on the estate as Rose and Jackie hug, wishing each other 'Happy New Year'. The costumes Billie and Camille also seem to confirm that this is a flashback. This also suggests that the Doctor has traveled back to a point in time before he even met Rose. Perhaps as a final farewell before his regeneration? Judging by the photo below, the Doctor's not feeling too chipper...

It would seem that the majority of the companions are returning to the series for one last hurrah. A brief scene with Elisabeth Sladen was filmed recently and John Barrowman and Russell Tovey were on location for the scenes shot at Tiger Tiger in Cardiff. We've also seen lots of location shooting with Catherine Tate and Bernard Cribbins.

Pictures on the Doctor Who Forum courtesy of Stephen Ackroyd, 39austin and schehera. Thanks for all your hard work.

The following reports from the DWF and Twitter (thanks to schehera) during the night:

"Rose walks past Doc. He staggers. You alright mate she asks. What year is it, he asks. 2005"

"You know what? I bet your going to have a really great year, he says. "

And that's as much as can be related because those watching the filming were asked not to spoil any further by David and Billie in person! As broadwaybaby on DWF reported:

"I just got home, having stayed until the bitter end. As the evening progressed and things got more spoilerrific, they told us no more photos and kept a very close eye on us. There were surprisingly few of us watching -- fewer than 10 at some points!"

The Daily Mail has now picked up on the shooting too and pictures are courtesy of Daily Mail/ Matrixphotos.

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