UPDATE - 3rd April 2009

More filming is taking place at Tredegar House today. FX legend Danny Hargreaves has arrived with a van and very big fan and smoke effects. There are some lovely cars on site with bespoke number plates JMS1 and ABI 1. Who knows if there is a clue in there as to what exactly is being filmed. There were rumours yesterday that John Simm was spotted leaving the filming with David Tennant which begs the question of the imminent return of The Master to the finale.

Director Euros Lyn is setting up some further outdoor shooting at the moment and is scouting out near the lake adjacent to Tredegar House.

The wind machine is now being used to simulate the landing of a spaceship (!) and a second unit is covering that whilst the first continues to shoot inside the house. Some establishing shots of the black clad troopers have also been set up and filmed. dougggie also informs us that one of the guards may not be who seems to be! David and Bernard have since left Tredegar and the unit has wrapped as of 7.00pm.

Some lovely images from Alun_Vega, our man at Tredegar (well, he's not ours, strictly speaking, but we feel we know him well enough to say so!). Cheers, Alun. You can find more of his images over at Twitpic Please ask Alun's permission before you use them for any other purposes.

- 31st March 2009

More reporting from the Tredegar House location this morning courtesy of Alun Vega. Bernard Cribbins was back on location again and much of the filming has been indoors. Again, extras dressed as troopers and waiting staff were on site. Here are a few images from the location this morning.

More images at Alun's photostream

Video from yesterday's filming courtesy of skarofighter2:

30th March 2009

Yes, they're at it again. Filming continued yesterday on the last two part Doctor Who special to feature David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. Shooting commenced this morning at Tredegar House, Newport with a scene depicting maids/butlers and various other people scurrying out of the house and observing something rather frightening apparently descending from the skies! The two black characters seen here are called Joshua and Abigail. There is some speculation that this is some sort of VIP event what with all the waiting staff present and people suited and booted. Some lab coated extras were also spotted so perhaps it's some sort of scientific announcement.

Bernard Cribbins and David Tennant have been on set according to intrepid reporters Scooty and dougggie. Wilf is back, it would seem!

Here are some early images from the shoot courtesy of dougggie's photostream

Thanks again to Scooty and dougggie. More news and pictures updating throughout the day.

UPDATE: Some smashing pictures from Scooty of Bernard Cribbins and David Tennant on set.
Thanks Scooty and check out further pictures over at his photostream: Scooty's Photobucket Album

And just to shed some light on today's proceedings, Scooty had this to report:

"Well there was a very brief scene recorded inside the stables, hay was being brought in to dress the set, then David and Bernard Cribbins run out very fast looking rather anxious. A seperate scene with the men in camo gear was filmed."

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