It would seem filming has also now commenced on the final two part story to feature David Tennant. Shooting took place at Cardiff University Blackwells bookshop this morning (21st March).

Intrepid reporters Alun Vega, Brigade_Leader and Scooty were on the scene and very kindly offered some very spoilerific commentary on what was being shot as well as some smashing pictures. Thanks to them all for this. Much appreciated.

"Euros Lyn is directing a scene in the bookstore. An author called Verity Newman is signing her book: Journal of Impossible Things. The next customer steps up to get his book signed: it's The Doctor. They have a short conversation. He has a slightly stern but sad expression. He turns and walks away."

Verity Newman is played by Jessica Hynes. Yes, Jessica Hynes is back. This snippet coupled with the Journal Of Impossible Things suggests strongly a link back to the Joan Redfern character in Human Nature/Family Of Blood. Note that John Smith mentioned to Joan that his parents were Sydney and Verity (named after the original series creator/producers). Spooky! What does this all mean? Especially after The Mirror reported this week that Donna, Rose and Martha were also returning for the tenth Doctor's send off.

More pictures here courtesy of Brigade_Leader and Scooty. Thanks guys!

Brigade_Leader's Photobucket Album

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