Welcome to the new look Cathode Ray Tube. Hope you like it. The boffins are still shifting things around a bit, changing colours and fonts and adding new fangled gizmos but all the posts are back on the site and the actual structure is sorted out. So you'll be able to read new reviews and comment just as you did before.

To get us off to a cracking start here's the official 60 second trailer for the forthcoming 5 part Torchwood story 'Children Of Earth'.

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8 Responses to “TORCHWOOD CHILDREN OF EARTH Trailer”
  1. Shiny new CRT and shiny new Torchwood trailer... my day is off to a good start!

  2. Could we have the future presentations column in a different place? It sort of... looms.

  3. S Bates says:

    Looks pretty amazing. It's those damned children being spooky again. Lots of 'they are coming...' but, of course, we don't actually see the aliens nor much of any actual threat (other than the kids stopping).

    I wonder how they'll stretch this single story over 5 episodes?

    BTW I like the new look CRT. Very... sleek.

  4. Thanks for all the lovely comments on the blog.

    Nimbus - 'sleek' is what I was after and your comment has given me hope in that I have achieved that to a degree.

    Lucy - I could put the 'Future Presentations' in the space at the bottom of the blog. I'm stuck with that column width at the top simply because that's the way the template works and I wanted the videos to be bigger and to launch in full screen from this site. Let's see what I can do today.

  5. I love the colour/font combo of the title. It's well cool! And your updated profile is the bee's knees.

    *wonders when she will get to see Ianto shoot a six-year-old in the head for reasons of gravitas*

  6. Nice new look Frank - 10/10 awesome :)

  7. Faceofboe says:

    It looks wonderful. Well done - well worth all the hard work. It's a triumph!

  8. Thanks everyone. Loving your positivity.

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