The filming for the, as yet untitled, second (we assume) Doctor Who special of 2009 got off to a bang this evening in a quarry in Taffs Well just north of Cardiff. David Tennant was on location, dressed in a very familiar costume - the orange space suit and yellow helmet from The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit two part story in the 2006 series.

Intrepid reporter Scooty was on the spot: "Filming tonight seemed to concern three major scenes. They were:

- An explosion the size of which I have never seen before. It formed a giant mushroom cloud and left a huge black smoke ring in the sky. It shook the camera from my hand.

- Man in orange spacesuit, almost certainly DT's stunt double, runs away from the explosion (in this case, green screen). He jumps on a trampoline and lands on a crash mat.

- Man in said spacesuit wakes up amongst a load of rubble. And slowly walks forward. This looks like it is DT - I can make out sideburns in a couple of the pictures."

UPDATE: Some footage from the filming. The stunt bit!

It isn't clear yet if this is filming for the same special for which the casting of Lindsay Duncan was recently announced. No doubt we will learn more! Many thanks again to the DWF's Scooty and fellow reporters for the accounts and pictures.

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One Response to “DOCTOR WHO - 2009 SPECIALS FILMING”
  1. pj says:

    Thanks for these they're amazing! So excited to have news on the new special already.

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