The final update on Season 2 of Mad Men. The finale aired last Sunday (I haven't even seen it myself, yet) so here are the links to the last two episodes for you to stream and watch. Thanks to AMC for the episode blurbs and photos and to Surf The Channel for the links.

At some point I will be reviewing the Season 2 Blu-Ray release so watch out for that.

Episode 12: The Mountain King
Don meets with an old friend. An account hangs in the balance when Pete's personal life presents problems. Joan brings her boyfriend to the office.

Surf The Channel - Episode 12

Episode 13: Meditations In An Emergency
Sterling Cooper is in play and the office scrambles without Don. Betty learns some disconcerting news.

Surf The Channel - Episode 13

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TOP TIP: When you follow the links and click 'Play' you will be directed either to a poker or a dating site which will open in another window. Don't panic. This is just the advertising that accompanies the uploaded episodes. Close the poker or dating site window down and go back to the Surf The Channel window and click on play again. The episode will buffer and then start playing.

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