Happy Birthday to Cathode Ray Tube.

One year old today. C'mon Bette, blow out yer candles or you won't get yer din dins!

I do hope you've enjoyed the reviews, pictures, video and audio that's been brought to you. The blog has successfully grown and changed in the space of 12 months and I'll continue to build on this as it goes into its second year. Over 23,000 visitors isn't a bad start...and I thank all of you for visiting, even if you've just popped in to find the links to the Mad Men episodes have buggered up again!

What's next, I hear you say? I'll continue to review television, music, books, films, theatre and will keep bringing you behind the scenes info, the odd spoiler or two...or three, as well as audio and video clips. All the usual suspects will fall beneath my searing critiques in 2009...Doctor Who, Torchwood, Ashes To Ashes, Battlestar and no doubt a number of others will be joining them. Plus, if I can stay sober long enough, a daily report from the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles next February...

More 'Weekends With...' themed reviews will be popping look out for opinions on Hammer films, Powell & Pressburger, silent horror and much, as they say, more. And by the time we get to Christmas I'll do my usual rant about the TV schedules and pick the best viewing for the festive period.

I'm also looking into bringing a regular pod-cast on line, so once I've got my brain in gear and figured out the various gizmos...interweb broadcasts will hopefully commence. Fancy!

For now though, a request...all those readers who regularly visit and are registered with Technorati please, please fave this blog. Likewise, if you're signed up to Blogger as a fellow incumbent of the blogosphere or have a Google account then do become a Follower of this blog with the new Licence Fee Payers function to your right (it's free)...and I'll reply likewise in courtesy. And most of all, keep commenting, spreading the word and get interactive...

Thanks to: Blogtor Who's Cameron McEwan, Rupert Smith, Rob Stickler, Alec, the Doctor Who Forum Wrinklies (they are legion), Tony at DWAS, various Squee Squads and spoiler hounds (Scooty, especially), long suffering colleagues and loved ones - without your support and hard work CRT would be a lesser force within the blogosphere. If I've neglected to mention you...sorry, must have been having a senior moment.

I'll make it up to you. Honest.

2 Responses to “ONE YEAR OLD...”
  1. rob says:

    Happy Blogoversary Frank, keep the views and reviews coming.



  2. Cheers, Rob.

    Keep watching the skies!


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