Apologies for the lack of updates on links to streaming episodes. I've had some difficulty in finding them. But, hey presto, I've got links for the last three episodes transmitted courtesy of Surf The Channel.

These are all links back to Megavideo. Click on the Surf The Channel PLAY icon and you'll go to where the episodes are streamed on Megavideo. You will see the usual Party Poker image - click on the PLAY icon. If Party Poker or another site opens a new window then just close that window down and go back to the Megavideo window again. Click on the PLAY icon again. You should see it then say 'buffering' - wait and then click again. Good luck.

Episode 6: Maidenform
Don and Duck take a stab at making peace. Peggy tries to insinuate herself into the execs' after-hours meetings. Duck deals with a family visit at the office.

Maidenform - Surf The Channel link

Episode 7: The Gold Violin

Don buys a brand new car which befits his image as an executive who has "arrived." Don's secretary makes a grave error, which could spell trouble for Joan. Cooper has a new piece of art in his office that attracts the interest of the employees at Sterling Cooper.

The Gold Violin - Surf The Channel link

Episode 8: A Night To Remember

Father Gill convinces Peggy to contribute on a pro-bono church project. To win the business of an imported beer brand, Duck and Don try to create market appeal to a new demographic. Harry is overwhelmed with the workload in his department and recruits assistance from an unlikely source.

A Night To Remember - Surf The Channel Link

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