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OK, I've just checked and the embedded versions are unavailable. However, the direct links to Megavideo do work so don't click on the embedded version, click on the Megavideo links in the post. I'll remove the embedded versions.


More streaming episodes from Season 2 of Mad Men . Quite simply one of the best dramas on television at the moment.

As ever follow the links to Megavideo to enable full screen playback and don't be fooled by the poker. Just click on the centre of the screen.


Peggy's family hosts lunch for a new priest in their church. Don and Betty enjoy a family weekend together. Freddy and Ken take a client out to lunch who stirs Roger Sterling's heart. Sterling Cooper staffers work double time to prepare for a last minute pitch meeting.

Three Sundays on Megavideo


Trouble arises on the set of a commercial while Don plays hooky from the office. Meanwhile, Harry, determined to make improvements in his career, tries to gather support around a controversial sponsorship. Betty joins Don when he attempts to appease his clients with a friendly dinner.

The Benefactor on Megavideo

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm sick of coming to this site and seeing "video unavailable, come back later", for Mad Men specifically! If you can't provide then don't advertise!!!

  2. I'm sorry but I don't have control over these links. I post them when they are working, via third parties, and I don't host the episodes myself.

    Trust me, I'm as frustrated as you are when the links go down. And believe me when I say I spend an incredible amount of time trying to find links that do work so that you can see the episodes.

    A number of Mad Men episodes on Megavideo have just been taken down probably because HBO have been doing their 'cease and desist' stuff to those that host them.

    I'm going to pull this post temporarily as you've rightly indicated the links don't work. Soon as I find ones that do I will restore them. But be aware there is never any guarantee that these links will work and I will add a disclaimer to that end on every future link posted. OK?


  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for trying to get the most up to date show episodes. It must be frustrating for you as well when the links get pulled or don't work. I've tried Megavideo but when I click on the site there's a dating site that automatically comes up which is frustrating. Any suggestions if you're not available?
    Again, thanks for your efforts!

  4. Hi, Kymm

    Thanks for bearing with me.

    Ok. The two links to Megavideo I have here should take you to the page on Megavideo where the episodes are hosted. I've just checked them again and that's what I see when I click on them. The screen will show an ad for Party Poker with a play symbol in the middle of the screen. Click on that symbol - you will either get a message that the video is 'buffering' or you'll get forwarded to the Party Poker site. If you get the 'buffering' message wait until it stops and then click the play icon again. The episode should start up. If you get taken away from Megavideo just either close that Party Poker or whatever it is window down or hit the back button on your browser and try again when you get back to Megavideo.

    The dating site has popped up before in a different window but I seem to be able to get back to Megavideo and run the episodes. If you're seeing something else entirely then I'm at a loss as to what to suggest. It's all a bit hit and run with these things and frustratingly the links keep dying and you have to start all over again.

    If you're looking for other links then try:
    You might just find links to the episodes hosted elsewhere on this page.

    I'm looking into hosting the versions I have here but I can't promise anything. They are huge files and it will take some doing.

    I'll keep trying to post up working links in the meantime.


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