PUBLIC INFORMATION FILMS gum. Do you remember the good old Public Information Films in the 1960s and 1970s? I've a moment to spare so here's a couple I've dredged up from You Tube.

Clunk-click. Every Trip

From The National Archives:

"The 'clunk-click' films, about the importance of wearing seatbelts, star Jimmy Savile, then a well-known Radio 1 DJ and Top of the Pops presenter. It uses shock tactics to show the public the potential danger they are in every day. The ‘Clunk click, every trip’ slogan became very well-known in the 1970s, and featured in further campaigns to persuade people to wear a seatbelt. It was 10 years after this film, however, that the law was changed to make the wearing of seat belts in the front seat compulsory. The slogan, was used until 1993."

Road Test Pedestrian

From Andrew Wiseman's 625 site:

"Frank Thornton, best known for his role as Captain Peacock in the BBC's "Are You Being Served?", with a cap on his head and a microphone in his hand, follows a hapless chap, played by Larry Martyn, around all day as if he were road-testing a car."


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