10TH ANNIVERSARY COMPETITION: Doctor Who books to be won!

Well, readers. It's hard to believe that this blog has been around for ten years. Yes, TEN years. Before we break out the champers and the cake please indulge me as I update you on my latest work. Once we've got that sorted, then we'll properly celebrate with a series of competitions, the first of which is announced below.

Although I've not written anything new specifically for the blog since September 2015 (the review of the Bernard Wilkie book if we're being pedantic) I have been rather busy since my Christmas update.

I've just finished reviewing all 18 episodes of Twin Peaks: The Return for Frame Rated and I'll be doing much the same for Outlander Season 3 over the next few months.

A lovely piece I wrote some time ago about the Doctor Who comic 'The Age of Chaos', published by Marvel back in 1994 and written by none other than Sixie himself, Colin Baker, has recently been published in the third issue of that extraordinary fanzine Vworp, Vworp! It was an honour to feature in this stunning publication and you can purchase it from their site.

I have been publishing on Medium recently and also judging whether to move Cathode Ray Tube over to that platform. A couple of reviews from the archive have been dusted down and re-published over there and you can keep an eye on developments on my Medium page. Please give me a follow there.

There are a couple of projects that I can't talk about at the moment as they are either not confirmed yet or, if they have been agreed in principle, I won't announce anything until the good people I'm working with deem it appropriate to do so.


I've been clearing out the Cathode Ray Tube cupboards and thanks to BBC Books I'm able to offer some giveaways to my readers, particularly those of whom have stuck with me since the beginning, way back when I published the first review here on the 8th September 2007. Let's celebrate!

This weekend I'm giving away a bundle of two books: DOCTOR WHO: THE LEGENDS OF ASHILDR anthology and THE SCIENTIFIC SECRETS OF DOCTOR WHO by Simon Guerrier and Dr. Marek Kukula.

Ashildr, a young Viking girl, died helping the Doctor and Clara to save the village she loved. And for her heroism, the Doctor used alien technology to bring her back to life. Ashildr is now immortal – The Woman Who Lived. Since that day, Ashildr has kept journals to chronicle her extraordinary life.

The Legends of Ashildr is a glimpse of some of those stories: the terrors she has faced, the battles she has won, and the treasures she has found. These are tales of a woman who lived longer than she should ever have lived – and lost more than she can even remember.

An original novel written collaboratively by James Goss, Jenny T. Colgan, David Llewellyn and Justin Richards featuring the Twelfth Doctor as played by Peter Capaldi, and Ashildr as played by Maisie Williams.

Doctor Who stories are many things: thrilling adventures, historical dramas, tales of love and war and jelly babies. They’re also science fiction – but how much of the science is actually real, and how much is really fiction?

The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who is a mind-bending blend of story and science that will help you see Doctor Who in a whole new light, weaving together a series of all-new adventures, featuring every incarnation of the Doctor and written by many recognised and established Doctor Who authors.

With commentary that explores the possibilities of time travel, life on other planets, artificial intelligence, parallel universes and more, Simon Guerrier and Dr Marek Kukula show how Doctor Who uses science to inform its unique style of storytelling – and just how close it has often come to predicting future scientific discoveries. Because anything could be out there. And going out there is the only way to learn what it is.

Cathode Ray Tube has one copy of each to give away to one lucky winner courtesy of BBC Books and Penguin Random House. Simply answer the question below and submit your entry via email.

  • - This competition is open to residents of the UK only but not to employees of BBC Books and Penguin Random House or their agents. 

  • - Entries must be received by midnight GMT on Friday 22nd September 2017. COMPETITION NOW CLOSED

  • - This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and no cash alternative is available.

  • - No responsibility will be accepted for delayed, mislaid, lost or damaged entries whether due to system error or otherwise.

  • - Only one entry per visitor per day. No multiple entries allowed. Entries sent using answers posted on competition websites will be deemed void. We know who you are!

  • - The winner will be the first entry with the correct answer drawn at random.

  • - The winner will be contacted by email and the books will be sent by first class post to the winner after the competition closes.

  • - The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

  • - Entrants are deemed to accept and be bound by these rules and entries that are not in accordance with the rules will be disqualified.

  • - By entering the free prize draw, entrants agree to be bound by any other requirements set out on this website. Entry is via email to frank_c_collins@hotmail.com. No responsibility can be accepted for entries not received, only partially received or delayed for whatever reason. Paper entries are not valid.
Question: In the Doctor Who universe what's the name of the physical effect that occurs when two versions of the same person from different time periods make physical contact? 

Email your answer to the question above, with your name and address, including post code, and we'll enter you into the prize draw.

Good luck!

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