UPDATED: Registration and start times of the walk have been amended

Less a 'Fun Run' and more of a 'Fun Shuffle' or a 'Fun Shamble', on Sunday 12th July 2009, when a ‘Zombie Walk’ will take place in Manchester city centre to raise money for Cancer Research, Christies and Children in Need.

Here's the You Tube promo:

Turn your obsession with George Romero, Shaun Of The Dead, Tom Savini, Dellamorte Dellamore into a frightfully fun day of fundraising. Try not to decompose all over the pavement.

If over 1,227 ‘Zombies’ partake the event will break the world record. It will start and end at the Printworks in Manchester. Registration starts at 6pm on the day. walk starts at 7pm and end approx 8.30pm. All together now...'They’re coming to get you Barbara!'

In the Printworks there will be make up tables for those who haven’t had the chance to get made up, a registration desk where all names will be counted for the Guinness Book of Records. Buckets will be on this table as a donation of £2 would be appreciated for charity (optional) There will be another table where people can buy tickets for the special screening of a new Zombie movie.

Parts of the walk will be filmed and sent to the USA where they will use footage for a new Zombie film in production. Splatter effects pioneer and director Tom Savini of Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, From Dusk Till Dawn and others, has shown interest and said he may attend the event.

After the walk a ‘Zombie Ball’ will take place at PURE nightclub. With special drinks promotions, live music from ‘T-shirts for Americans’ and ‘Exploits of the Dead’, and regular Glastonbury DJ, ‘That Lazy Sunday DJ’. Entry is £3 on the door for people in Zombie make up, £5 for those not.

The day after the walk, Monday 13th July, a special screening of a new British Zombie film Colin will take place at the Odeon cinema in Printworks. Colin is the first feature length film from director Marc Price. It has already made waves at the Cannes Film Festival and won awards. Tickets will be £2 and available at the ‘Zombie Walk’, with proceeds going to charity.

Colin trailer:

Proceeds and collections from the walk itself will go to the three aforementioned charities. A route map is available on the website www.zombie-aid.com. The Facebook group is ‘Zombie Walk Manchester 09’.

Online donations can be made at Just Giving - click on the widget below!

Yeah, they’re dead. They’re all messed up!

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