DOCTOR WHO - Series 5 'Victory Of The Daleks' Radio Times Coverage

A lovely article from Mark Gatiss on the appeal of the Daleks is the centre piece of Radio Times coverage of the forthcoming episode Victory Of The Daleks.

The Radio Times has gone to town with three cover variants, cheekily reflecting the election announcement and providing blue, red and yellow Daleks on their 'Vote Dalek' issue. The talking point here is of course the re-design of those iconic inhabitants of Skaro. Not only do we get various colours of Daleks but the mid-section has been radically altered, the weapons and eye stalk given a tweak and the skirt panels have been given an embossed, raised characteristic. They're certainly a discussion point as much as the recent title music revision and the new TARDIS design. Lots of heated debate has been generated.

As someone whose working life is bound up with product and industrial design, my initial reaction is one of dismay that the classic silhouette as originated by Ray Cusick has been tinkered with to such a degree. I can appreciate that they do reflect the Cushing movies, TV21, Frank Hampson and many of the qualities of the 1960s Dalek designs. But from some angles these look a little ugly to me and the top section looks as if it's toppling over in some shots. But I will reserve final judgement until I see how they perform on screen. Design is a very subjective thing, after all.

As ever thanks to the Radio Times. Pop over to their gallery of images and see what you think of this rather radical reinterpretation of Terry Nation's classic creations.

Over at BBC Archive there's also a fascinating look at audience reactions to the regeneration of various Doctors and they've published some really interesting audience reaction reports, memos, letters and archive clippings and listings from the Radio Times. Well worth a look! Love the memo about the first regeneration describing it as a bad trip after taking LSD. If you're interested in how the series reflected the 1960s then take a look at my own articles on Season 5 and on the design of the series as it progressed through the 1960s in which I discuss the 'Swinging Sixties' influences.

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2 Responses to “DOCTOR WHO - Series 5 'Victory Of The Daleks' Radio Times Coverage”
  1. My first reaction upon seeing these "new" Daleks was one of excitement. There has to be a v. good reason why they look different - and the regular Daleks do seem to be making an appearance in Victory also, I'm hoping that we will all be amazed and give a huge sigh of relief on Saturday...

    ...and applaud Moffat and his team for bringing something fresh to the Dalek race. As for the Cushing Daleks, that's something that would look terrific in Nu Who. Very colourful!

  2. Anonymous says:

    How anyone can be amazed at he new Daleks is beyond me, the balance of the design is gone they look like toys and they are so tall they are unbalanced. What a shame how anyone with any design credentials could pass these things is unfathomable.

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