DOCTOR WHO - Series 5: Radio Times Steven Moffat interview

If all goes to plan, we'll be seeing the first episode of Steven Moffat's Doctor Who, The Eleventh Hour, over the Easter weekend. Some of you may even catch it earlier if you turn up to one of the tour dates that the BBC has set up where a bus will ferry Matt Smith and Karen Gillan round the UK for special premieres.

In the meantime, the press coverage for the new series is about to go up a notch. Here's Steven Moffat being interviewed by the Radio Times in this week's issue. No doubt there'll be plenty of coverage to come. There are a few images courtesy of the Radio Times website here too, including some interesting behind the scenes shots. There's also a brief piece about Steve Moffat pondering changes to the Dalek design on the website here.

Cathode Ray Tube will be reviewing the series each week. Hope you'll join me.

(Thanks to Radio Times/BBC for images and content)

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2 Responses to “DOCTOR WHO - Series 5: Radio Times Steven Moffat interview”
  1. I'm truly looking forward to what Moff and his team have in store for us! We're about to enter a new era for Doctor Who and it has never looked so good!!

  2. Kev says:

    18 days to go and I can feel the excitement building. Will look forward to your reviews with relish. All the best, Kev

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