DOCTOR WHO: Series 5 Launch / Radio Times Coverage

As promised here's the full coverage of the launch of Series Five (yes, it's billed as that in the magazine) from this week's Radio Times. And a lovely job they've done. There are interviews with Matt and Karen and an episode guide from Steven Moffat (following in the RTD tradition there) with a fab shot of Ian McNeice as Churchill for the Victory Of The Daleks episode.

Plus we get that lovely gatefold cover too. 

Some interesting quotes too: 'Is River Song your wife?' is next to the two parter The Time Of Angels and Flesh and Stone - I wonder if we'll get a definite answer?. The opening episode of the season is also 'Drama Of The Week' and 'Pick Of The Day' for Saturday 3rd April.

More treats over at the Radio Times website

Thanks as ever to Radio Times and BBC.

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