DOCTOR WHO: Series 5 Gay Times Coverage

UPDATE: Alas, I've been requested to take the scans down if you're wondering what happened to them. Apologies to GT for overstepping the mark.

A really smashing set of interviews were published this week in the latest issue of GT (or Gay Times to us more ancient readers). This includes Matt Smith's very first interview with the gay press where he confesses that apparently he and Piers have been dragged to gay bars by that naughty Karen and that Steven Moffat has described him as 'Patrick Moore in the body of an underwear model'. Ticks all my boxes, love. A great little interview.

There is some wonderful coverage of the series' return including a conversation with executive producer and head writer Steven Moffat, defensively claiming 'it's the bloody gays! It's got nothing to do with me' about being accused of making Karen's short skirts very, very short and who also announces that Karen's legs have claimed Mark Gatiss and the gay fans of Doctor Who are thus doomed. It's a witty interview, full of lovely innuendo. Unmissable.

There are also catch-ups with Alex Kingston who describes Matt as 'quite sexy' and prides herself on her rock steady wire-work and warns us to watch out for a very scary sequence in a forest with River, Amy and the Doctor and the Weeping Angels, plus an interview with Arthur Darvill who will be playing Amy's boyfriend and new companion Rory; chats with executive producer Piers Wenger revealing that we are in store for some very special things in the next 18 (yes 18!) episodes of Sarah Jane 'she should have her own skin care range' Adventures this year and that's he's been trying to tempt Victoria Wood onto the series (a re-match with Crayola, anyone?); costume designer Ray Holman (who reveals that Matt wears American Apparel underwear), and writer Gareth Roberts spilling the beans that Matt Smith is set to appear pretty much naked in episode eleven. Gasp!

Finally, this coverage is rounded off by a charming natter with Karen Gillan who plays Amy Pond, the Doctor's new companion. Or should we call Karen by her porn star name Fuzzy Springfieldgardens? Well, it works for me.

You should also pop over to their website, especially non-UK Who fans, for details of a competition to win signed photos of Matt and Karen, new sonic screwdriver toys, books, action figures and DVDS.

But I'm telling you the plot, Michael! Go out and treat yourself to a copy of April's issue which also features interviews with Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg (all trying their damnedest to get the approval of the gays in the forthcoming election), Tom Ellis, Jamie Campbell Bower, Tracey-Ann Oberman (we like her), Debbie Reynolds and the real Phillip Morris.

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