DOCTOR WHO 2010 - The Trailer

And here it is. A preview of the forthcoming Doctor Who series 1 (or 5...take your pick)

You tube version:

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4 Responses to “DOCTOR WHO 2010 - The Trailer”
  1. Okay, that looks very exciting! Smith
    seems to be fitting in nicely as the Doctor
    here, the Daleks are back, the other monsters
    look interesting (Hammer horror
    vampire girls! Silurians?), some intriguing images(the Renaissance swordsman, Alex Kingston
    as Emma Peel) and the absolutely
    GORGEOUS Karen Gillan as the companion. ;)

    On the downside, I'm not keen on the
    Amy-snogging scene-I'm one of those
    who thinks the Doctor should only have a platonic relationship with his female companions.

    And the Doctor using a gun? Feels wrong-it
    makes him look like a cliched Hollywood
    action hero.

  2. chas_m says:

    He had me at "okay, what have you got for me this time?" :)

    As for the snog and the gun -- it will be interesting to see the context into which those have been staged, but here's a hint: look how surprised Smith is when he punches that guy. I somehow think this is another of those occasions where the Doctor will not betray his fundamental nature.

  3. I should state that I don't mind stories
    where the Doctor falls in love-"Girl in
    the Fireplace" and "Human Nature" were
    excellent. It's just I feel the idea
    of the Doctor and his companion becoming romantically involved would lead us into awkward
    areas for a PG program.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The angels are back, dont blink!

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