XMAS RADIO TIMES: Coverage of Doctor Who and An Englishman In New York

Ah, the Xmas Radio Times. All is right with the world again. In this year's bumper issue, complete with a choice of covers, including one featuring a Dalek, an interview with outgoing Doctor Who David Tennant is one of the main features. Handy little checklist too for his other appearances over the festivities, including the television version of Hamlet.

There's also an interview with John Hurt and some generous coverage of An Englishman In New York, although TV Editor Alison Graham, whose tastes are often dubious at best, attacks it for being a disappointment in comparison with the original film The Naked Civil Servant. Well, yes, dur! Alison, it's bound to be but that's not going to stop me and thousands, nay millions, of other homosexualists from watching it.


Am I reading too much into this? But there are no major bits of coverage for Day Of The Triffids in the RT. Just inclusions in the day's choices. Are the Beeb not confident about their latest adaptation?

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2 Responses to “XMAS RADIO TIMES: Coverage of Doctor Who and An Englishman In New York”
  1. Wow, thanks Frank! That interview with Mr Tennant was smashing. Will heterosexualists be able to watch An Englishman In New York? Because we're pretty much glued to the sofa Chez McGough come the festive season.

  2. FRANK says:

    Lucy, I implore you to track down the original Thames 1975 TV film of The Naked Civil Servant with John Hurt. You should be able to find it on DVD fairly easily!

    It is probably one of the most important television programmes about tolerance and understanding as well having an individual credo by which you live your life. Quentin Crisp, whilst not every gay man might agree with his views, was and remains a true icon. And it's a fantastic film.

    So, yes, all types of sexualists should be able to enjoy An Englishman In New York. I'm so looking forward to this sequel.

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