BEING HUMAN - Series 2 Promotional Trailers / Images

Yes, BBC3 has started to air trailers and release photos for the forthcoming second series of the rather splendid Being Human. And it's all go! So far we've had a short promo for Mitchell, George and Annie and a longer trailer featuring all three characters.

Mitchell's Trailer

George's Trailer

Annie's Trailer


Series Trailer

The series has also launched a fictional meta-site based on CenSSA - the Centre For Study Of Supernatural Activity - which presumably is an organisation embroiled in the new series' stories.

This year we get eight episodes, with creator and writer Toby Whithouse providing the first two opening episodes and the last two episodes of the series. Directors Colin "Tumbling' Teague, Kenny Glenaan and Charles Martin have overseen the new adventures of Mitchell, George and Annie and the series is promising stories of a much bigger scale, darker and more disturbing.

A short 'prequel' movie has also been released to introduce two new characters in the series, Ivan and Daisy...SPOILERS INSIDE!!!

And finally a couple of publicity shots (I'm very jealous of Lenora's saucy Russell and Aidan sandwich)


Series 2 starts Sunday January 10th, 2010 at 9.30pm on BBC3. Come back for more on Being Human and a full series review. And here are the Series One Reviews  Check out one of the best blogs about the series here

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