DOCTOR WHO - Series 5: October 7th/8th Filming SPOILERS

Filming continued in Llandaff on Wednesday 7th October with further sequences set in the fictional village of Leadworth.

Haffertee once again takes up the story:

"First scene we saw shot was Matt Karen and the guy in the hospital overalls. They seemed to look up at the sky then a dog barks and Matt goes towards the beer garden and starts talking down to something . "Hello prisoner x" is said. Then we hear "Level 20 planet scanning the earth 6 billion people". Then we are box explodes, aerials turn, fire engine ladder goes up and down. Helicopter flies out of little boys hand. Then Matt said something about not testing all sonics settings. Setting four thousand and do you think they will notice? Then the sonic blew up."

Dramatic shots from Alun Vega of the sonic screwdriver exploding in a flurry of practical effects. Apparently Matt did burn his hand during the effects explosion and this has been picked up by news sites and tabloids today.

Courtesy Alun Vega
And effects man Danny Hargreaves also got to blow up the village telephone box too!

More photos as Alun Vega's Flickr stream.

Courtesy Alun Vega

Courtesy Alun Vega
Whilst Llandaff filming continued, another unit was setting up in Lawn Terrace in Rhymney at a private house and garden that might represent Amy's house in the 1990s. The speculation is that the story takes place in the present and the past, with the rumours that it is a younger Amy that meets the Doctor perhaps not quite as valid as we thought?

Ahremsee, a fellow set reporter from Gallifrey Base, was present at the Rhymney filming and reported the sight of the 'old' RTD era TARDIS prop on set and described the following:

Courtesy Ahremsee
"Yes, this is the Series 4 TARDIS, so it can't get totally destroyed in the Xmas Specials. Spoke to another GB member who has been there all morning. She told me that there has been smoke pouring out of it at times. Not sure if she saw this, or just heard it from behind the vans but MS was shouting "I must save it/her!" and KG was holding him back.

Courtesy Ahremsee
I was told that the TARDIS crash lands on top of a shed before coming to rest where it is. As I arrived, MS and KG were being whisked away for lunch. There's a Base behind the local school I think."

More photos on Ahremsee's Flickr stream

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