DOCTOR WHO - Series 5: October 6th Filming SPOILERS / New Logo

Oh...yeah. The new logo.

I'm really not sure. I like the actual 'Doctor Who' bit, the stacked words are very classic Who and the font's rather nice, but that big DW flashing away like a TARDIS? Not for me. It's a bit of design wank if you ask me. How will this look in its entirety on a DVD cover or a book jacket? Only time will tell. And like everything else that's happening on the series, a huge symbol of big changes.

And BBC Picture Publcity seem to have a variant form of it:

I think the stacked version is far better. Can you see this on the cover of Doctor Who magazine?

Here's some guff from the BBC Press Office:

"The official Doctor Who website this morning offered an exclusive first look at the new Doctor Who logo, which will accompany Matt Smith's on-screen debut as The Doctor in spring 2010. The logo is the 11th to have been used on screen in the show's history.

Accompanying the logo at is an animated insignia of the show's initials, which will be used as branding for the new series in conjunction with the logo.

Steven Moffat, the new Lead Writer and Executive Producer, said: "A new logo. The 11th logo for the 11th Doctor – those grand old words, Doctor Who, suddenly looking newer than ever. And, look at that, something really new – an insignia! DW in TARDIS form! Simple and beautiful, and most important of all, a completely irresistible doodle. I apologise to school notebooks everywhere, because in 2010 that's what they're going to be wearing."

Really Steven, a logo and an insignia!

Anyway, on to today's filming in Llandaff with a lovely report from 'Haffertee' on Gallifrey Base:

"We got on set about half nine in the rain and were surprised to see filming underway. The following scene was shot at various angles. First off Amy was trying to get the Doctor into a car (not police a black rover) His tie kept getting trapped in the door! Dialogue we could hear was "20 minutes till the world ends and do you know who I am?"

My friend had been on set a bit longer and had heard also the Doctor say that. "You (something) are allways trying to lock me away!" Hence... the conclusion is that Amy is actually a police officer. (Not on a hen night as speculated last night)

Later on the scene was reshot (after more rain) and same dialogue however Matt was looking at something behind him before speaking to Amy and she shouts "Nooo!" And drags him quite literally by the tie to the car. This scene was re-shot quite a bit due to constant downpours!

After lunch they went through the same scene again and seemed to be happy with that. Then the filming moved to the green and we watched Matt and Karen rehearsing running up the green. While we were being moved to the other side of set Matt was practising his scene with a guy in hospital overalls. We also walked past the red phone box which was being set up for special effects.

When the shot was ready Matt and Karen were running up towards a white screen and Matt turns around to hospital overalls person and starts talking. Dialogue heard was "Coma" and something about staring at a dog!

Then the heavens opened and they attempted to film again but was starting to prove impossible. The fire engine was filmed leaving with the blues flashing and ladder pushed out.

One other thing we heard quite often was "Mr Henderson"?"

Photos courtesy of mugimoe and you can see loads more here at mugimoe's Photobucket stream

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