DOCTOR WHO - Series 5: October 5th Filming SPOILERS

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Filming has been continuing this week on the forthcoming Series 5 of Doctor Who. In fact this block of filming includes the very first episode to feature the new Doctor as played by Matt Smith and Karen Gillen as Amy, his new companion. Today, they've been filming scenes on Llandaff Green near Llandaff Cathedral.

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Matt's been spotted wearing a tatty and worn version of David Tennant's costume so this suggests the story is immediately following some disaster involving the 10th Doctor and post-regenerative stress. Amy is delightfully attired as a police woman and the gossip is that she's wearing it for a hen night. Props on location also suggest that the story is set in a village called Leadworth and in the mid 1990s judging by some of the newspaper mock ups that have been seen and they've also created a pond to go in the middle of the Green. Plus Leadworth comes complete with post office, pub and fire station courtesy of the production designers and set dressers.

Courtesy Alun Vega
As filming continued, the cast were joined by an ice cream van and a fire engine! Matt has been very energetic and throwing himself around the pond and extras have been seen as villagers either frozen with their mobiles, looking at something in the sky, standing on the Green. Line from Matt overhead by Gallifrey Base's Thal Foot Soldier: "I've got 20 minutes to save the world and the Post Office is closed!"

Courtesy Alun Vega 

Courtesy Scott 'Scooty' Frankton
And the very brilliant Alun Vega reported: " the scene...involved the Doctor and Amy hurrying up a lane, and running across to the ice cream van. Then the Doctor ran off, jumped over the flowerbed at the side of the White House, and ran inside. Amy ran after him, but took the more conventional route through the front gate...As they came up the lane, the Doctor shouted something about a "cricket bat" and another fan thought she heard Amy say something about "12 years of therapy". Someone else reckoned they thought the Doctor said he was having food cravings - which I guess might be post-regeneration trauma?"

Thal Foot Soldier also reported, "Now filming a scene where the sun disappears. Amy - "What's happening, why's it going dark?""

More dialogue courtesy of Paul Mount:
"are you going to just sit there?"
"why shouldn't I just sit here?" (stands, looks down road) "oh here they come, the human race..."

Thanks to our lovely friends over at Gallifrey Base for the reporting and photos, including Scooty, Alun Vega, Thal Foot Soldier and Paul Mount. Thanks also to SFX and Daily Mail for some of the images too. For more of Alun's fantastic photos check out his Flickr photostream and Paul Mount has some short video snippets of this evening's shoot - Paul Mount's World Of Stuff

Courtesy Daily Mail/Huw John

And let's not forget the announcement on the BBC's official site that the new logo for the series will be revealed tomorrow morning! It really is all change, isn't it!

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3 Responses to “DOCTOR WHO - Series 5: October 5th Filming SPOILERS”
  1. Nimbus says:

    Erm, the new logo is already up at the BBC's site. Looks pretty good!

    Otherwise - thanks for the Dr Who update, Frank. And my, doesn't Amy look... nice. ;-)

  2. Anonymous says:

    A village setting? Sounds very interesting.
    Maybe they're going to for a "rural" story
    a la "The Daemons" or "The Awakening"?

    And judging by Karen's costume, they may
    also be reviving Peri's dress sense.. ;)

  3. FRANK says:

    Ere Nimbus, some of us have work to go to at 8am! :D

    Anyway, logo is now mentioned on the site.

    I'm really unsure about that DW TARDIS motif. The rest of it is OK.

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