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Glad to be able to bring you some on location photos of Keeley Hawes and Philip Glenister at the start of filming for what will be the final series of Ashes To Ashes.

Here, Keels has a different look for this third series, which will be set in 1983, and her new hair do is rather splendid and Glenister looks resplendent and suave in his dark coat and leather gloves.

Philip Glenister has recently been quoted: 'John Simm is to Ashes to Ashes what Robbie Williams is to Take That.'

The 46-year-old actor starred as DCI Gene Hunt in 70s cop drama Life On Mars alongside Simm as Sam Tyler and now stars in follow-up 80s series Ashes to Ashes with Keeley Hawes. But he revealed that he believes the two series are successful in their own right and Simm does not need to make a comeback.

Philip said: "I'm not comparing myself to Take That - but Take That and Robbie Williams comes back... they've created their own persona now and people go well, 'do Take That need Robbie Williams'?

He added: "And that's no disrespect to John - it's a character thing, it's not an actor thing. All I know is his character is integral to the arc of series, including Life On Mars and Ashes. Sam Tyler is talked about in this series. Questions will be answered about his past and what happened to him in the interim period."

Philip revealed he was sad to say goodbye to the character of Gene Hunt but another series was not an option.

He said: "The fact that's it's taken the public imagination by storm and me by storm, my career. It will be a huge wrench to say goodbye to him but I just feel deep down that it's the right time to finish. We have to conclude it rather than drag it on. One of the great appeals of the show is the nostalgia value. And we're setting this one in '83, as soon as you start going into the 90s there's no nostalgia value. It's too close."

Images courtesy of Contact Music and thanks to all those on The Railway Arms site for keeping an eye on press stories.

Roll on Series 3! can't wait.

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15 Responses to “ASHES TO ASHES - SERIES 3: On Location”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Next to Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes is the best thing that's been on TV for as long as I can remember! The whole concept of going back in time and the dilemna of how to get back and the nostalgia of the 80s is a breath of fresh air! Philip Glenister is still amazing as Gene Hunt and Keeley just gets better and better as we learn more about Alex! Can't wait for series 3!!!

  2. FRANK says:

    I think you've pretty much summed it up for me too.

    Will post more on Series 3 as and when and will, of course, review it!

  3. Ant says:

    ...But the Nostalgia lives on!! - Ashes to Ashes club in London - run by TV extras from the first series.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sharon Says

    Loved Life on Mars and love Ashes to Ashes. Phil is gorgeous as Gene Hunt and I love his humour. I know it has to end but I will really miss the 'Gene Genie'!!

  5. SashLovesMashAndAllThatJazz! says:

    nooooooooo...sam...bummer. i wanted him to come back to annie and live happily ever after with her. crappo.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sam Tyler commited suicide as mentioned in series 1 of ashes to ashes so he cant come back, if you are going to make comments about this tv programme at least be up to speed on the characters.

  7. FRANK says:

    I think you'll find that Ray claimed they never found his body. Sam allegedly "died" in 1980 during a high-speed pursuit. His car ends up in the river, from which his body is never found.

    Therefore it's plausible that Sam could come back in A2A.

    Therefore take your pissy attitude away and think about what you're saying in your comments here. You need to get your facts right.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sam Tyler committed Suicide in the 21st century, that was how he was able to go back to the 70s

  9. FRANK says:

    Yes, he did. And he returned to the 1970s, worked and lived there for a further seven years according to Ashes Episode One. Then he 'died' in mysterious circumstances. His body was never found at the end of those seven years. That's why there is continuing speculation about whether he is still alive in the Gene-verse.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Frank you are one cool dude,I'd love to see Sam come back.Your right this is TV at it's best.I think time travel storys are fantastic when done right,ie Back to the Future was the one when I was young,Goodnight Sweetheart when I was a bit older Then Life on Mars and now Ashes to Ashes.It would be great to combine the latter two don't you think ?

  11. Anonymous says:

    I reckon, sam should appear near the end of the series as an undercover dugs dealer

  12. Anonymous says:

    What about bringing Gene Hunt forward to 2010?? That would be great!! A totally UN-PC cop in todays over-the-top PC world. What ya think??

  13. I would've personally liked to have seen the 90's... not the noughties obviously, but I think the 90's is now just the right length away to be classed as nostalgia, and the soundtrack could be very good. Not to mention the political background to it.

    Still, as long as the character gets a good sendoff... perhaps that Alex isn't the only one in hospital... then we'll have to see what's here for him in 2010.

  14. Anonymous says:

    gene hunt is the one in a coma and alex and sam worked under him

  15. Anonymous says:

    I watched all of life on mars and spent the next 2 years wishing I could go back to live in the 70's, where I remember most of my childhood through rose coloured glasses. Ashes to Ashes took me a bit of time to get to love, and both series have been the best TV in 20 years but it must draw to an end like all good things. It would be wicked to see an episode where Gene gets shoved into 2010, how would he deal with that?......

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