THE PRISONER - Nine minute Preview


Three lovely Comic Con posters courtesy of AMC. Full size PDF versions are available to download from the AMC site.

As posted up on the AMC Prisoner blog yesterday: (and thanks to Thierry Attard for flagging this up too)

"Today at Comic-Con 2009, Prisoner fans were treated to a special screening of AMC's all new, nine-minute Prisoner preview. The extended trailer introduces Six (Jim Caviezel), Two (Ian McKellen) and a number of other characters from the show. Fans of the original '60s series will also learn definitively whether Rover will make an appearance in the AMC miniseries. Watch the full video online to find out yourself."

First impressions: Intriguing, fascinating, the locations look superb and then there's that iconic shot of Rover...dare I say it ? I'm looking forward to this.

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One Response to “THE PRISONER - Nine minute Preview”
  1. Looks good.

    I have some Doctor Who stuff from Comic Con on my blog.

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