DOCTOR WHO - Series 5 Filming 21st July SPOILERS

UPDATE: 23.30pm

Scooty has just come back from a recee of Fonmon Quarry:

"The filming base has indeed moved to Fonmon Quarry near Rhoose, the vans are now parked in a massive quarry, it blows the Waters of Mars one (from earlier in the year) out of the water! Pardon the pun! Anyway, no sightings of anything, there really aren't any good vantage points to be had unfortunately. Though I understand explosions are meant to be happening. Does cast some doubt on Forest of Dean filming for tomorrow though, maybe its a night shoot in the quarry then off to Forest in the morning..."

"...from the other end of the quarry you can see something being set up - more crashed spaceships?"

Thanks to Scooty for that update and the site pictures. More tomorrow.

Filming earlier today:

Combat geared soldiers on the prowl (c)Big

More intriguing goings on from today's filming at Southerndown Beach. I can bet there were no sunbathers today as the weather was truly appalling and heavy rain can be seen on some of the images here from Big (and thanks to Who Is Matt Smith for the huge galleries on their site for some of the following material too - go visit as there is a lot of material there).

Mysterious combat geared soldiers, River Song in similar get up, then seen conversing with the Doctor whilst in handcuffs. And Amy hidden under a big blanket (or is Karen just very cold?). Just what on earth is going on? And is Alex Kingston actually playing River Song. The BBC have confirmed Alex's involvement but they've kept quiet about who she is in the series. It's got to be River Song?

Alex tries her handcuffs for size (c)Big

The Doctor and River Song have a natter (c) Big

Matt in pensive mood and Karen under a blanket (c) Big

After today's tough shoot the unit has apparently set up this evening in Fonmon Quarry for a night shoot complete with explosions!

As ever thanks to the folks on Gallifrey Base for tracking stuff down and sharing.

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