DOCTOR WHO - Series 5 Filming Update - Spoilers

More press coverage from the location, including a big SPOILER. You have been warned.

UPDATE: More images from The Sun of Alex Kingston and Matt Smith filming for Doctor Who this afternoon.

Alex Kingston, who played River Song in last year's Silence In The Library/Forest Of The Dead can be seen on set and reports from the lovely Gallifrey Base people indicate she is dressed in either black robes or a dress. The TARDIS has had a make over and now sports the Hartnell white bordered windows and the St. John Ambulance sign. Plus, it's blue. Very, very blue.

Oh, and Matt's costume also includes rolled up trousers and braces to hold them up!

Pictures courtesy of The Sun.

More when I get it!

6 Responses to “DOCTOR WHO - Series 5 Filming Update - Spoilers”
  1. Kev says:

    Nice one, Frank. Still not sure about the Geography teacher look but I'm sure I'll grow to love it.

  2. FRANK says:

    I'll say. What a flippin' day it's been. And I've still got more to come!

    So, so exciting. I'm loving the chemistry professor meets Ska look for the 11th.

  3. Oh my God!

    (Sorry, overexcited fan here!)

    I can't believe you got these pictures!

    I sort of like the look. It is completely different but - errmm . . . very classy . . . in a 1940's sort of way!

    I miss Ten's Coat and trainers...but I feel that Eleven's appearance suits the Doctor...but I'll reserve my judgement until I see him in action.

    It still feels like he's an imposter!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I don't feel like he's an impostor. I feel like he's a bad actor.

    At this point, I would have preferred "Doctor Hu, Servant of the Emperor of the Future."

  5. Anonymous says:

    How can you feel like he's a bad actor? I've seen him in one or two things and he was fine, and you don't know what he'll be like as the Doctor.

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