Comic Con - Tennant, Barrowman and RTD

UPDATE: LIVE BLOGGED: The full report on the Doctor Who panel is now on Digital Spy - preview clips confirm John Simm is back as the Master.

RTD and David Tennant on San Diego telly during their Comic Con visit!

David Tennant, Rusty T and The Barrowman introduced screenings of Torchwood: Children Of Earth Day 5 and Planet Of The Dead to an enthusiastic crowd at San Diego Comic Con. Two panels, one for each show, will follow.

On Sunday July 26th, a Doctor Who panel will be held from 10:00-11:00am (US time). David Tennant will be joined by RTD, Julie Gardner and director Euros Lyn. Plus, we suspect, some juicy clips from Waters Of Mars? Hope so.

However, speculation about a movie announcement has now been toned down and you can read all about that over at io9 in their brief chat with Tennant, Davies and Gardner.

Apparently a BBC America rep has also let it slip that the BBC have commissioned Torchwood for a fourth series!

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