THE PRISONER - The first trailer

A long time coming, but here's your very first glimpse of Ian McKellen as Two and Jim Caviezel as Six in the AMC/ITV remake of that iconic 1960s classic The Prisoner.

AMC are premiering this in November but I wonder how long this will sit in ITV's drama stock cupboard along with last year's seemingly forgotten An Englishman In New York ?

AMC Prisoner Blog

Be seeing you.....

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2 Responses to “THE PRISONER - The first trailer”
  1. Thanks. Trouble is, I blinked and missed it!

  2. FRANK says:

    It really is a case of 'be seeing you' with that one.

    Nice though to see Serena uttering those iconic words. I have very mixed feelings about this but let's see what November brings!

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