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As all the major American TV networks reveal their forthcoming programmes for the autumn schedule, ABC have been giving us our first look at their remake of Kenneth Johnson's V. For those of you perhaps too young to remember, V was a very popular mini-series and then series back in the 1980s, telling the story of a resistance movement against invading reptilian aliens. It was great fun, whilst also serving as an allegory for the Holocaust and Nazi Germany.

In this case, the new V will center on a Homeland Security agent with an aimless son who’s got problems. Her son latches onto the aliens and disrupts the family. As in the ’80s version, the show looks like it will open with an enormous army of spaceships hovering over the world’s major cities (in turn ripped off by Independence Day from the original mini-series). The visitors say they’ve come to help Earth, but their motives are nefarious. It sounds as if the analogy here is the War On Terror and a clash of cultures.

The trailer looks good, despite a few dodgy effects sequences, and some very familiar faces pop up in it - Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet on Lost), Alan Tudyk and Morena Baccarin (Firefly) and Joel Gretsch (The 4400). As it's ABC we're dealing with here I do wonder if it'll survive beyond the pilot!

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