The $64,000 question. Is it any good?

Well, judging by the reaction from fans who got a huge surprise yesterday at the Fantastic Fest Star Trek event at the Alamo Draughthouse Theater in Austin, Texas, the answer is definitely, YES.

Originally, there to see a screening of The Wrath Of Khan with the added treat of a 10 minute preview of the new film, fans suddenly found themselves sitting in the dark after the opening to TWOK and then seeing a trenchcoated Leonard Nimoy standing in front of them as the lights went up, offering to show them the new film hours before the Sydney premiere. Suffice it to say, the reaction raised the roof last night. reports that the outcome is very positive and two thoughtful reviews are in from Film School Rejects. You may want to avoid them as there are spoilers. The general and fan reaction has been good so far.

Thanks to Neil Miller from Film School Rejects for the Austin premiere photo of Nimoy with the film's makers Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof, & Roberto Orci on stage in Austin.

The Australian premiere at the Sydney Opera House has now taken place and we have some red carpet snippets for you, again courtesy of A Flickr photoalbum and some video interviews with Abrams, Quinto and Pine and Urban, using questions submitted by fans are below. Many more on

JJ ABRAMS: "The first time you see Nimoy." #asktrek from Phreadz on Vimeo.

ZACH QUINTO & CHRIS PINE: "My eyebrows are a huge part of my life." #asktrek from Phreadz on Vimeo.

KARL URBAN: "A deep admiration for Mr Kelley." #asktrek from Phreadz on Vimeo.

Star Trek gets its UK premiere, in aid of the Prince's Trust, on April 20th. It opens in cinemas on 8th May.

  1. chas_m says:

    I hate to be a wet blanket, but I remain unconvinced. All the people who have seen it so far have been "surprise!" or "special treat" fans, who are as juiced on the fact that they've seen it (first!) as they are squirming in their seats waiting to finish so they can blog about it. Their brains are too full of dope(mine) to fully process the actual content of the film. I remember this WELL from the 1979 premiere of "Leave it to V'Ger," sorry I mean ST:TMP. Early fan reviews were so excited by the reunion they didn't even notice the pyjamas.

    Put it in front of an audience of PAYING customers who really dug the original show and I'll believe the hype. I wish them well, but the commericials/trailers are rife with physics problems and come off like DIE HARD IN SPACE, so I'm very skeptical at this point.

    Having said all that, at least most of the casting seems very inspired -- including the lovely Simon as Scotty. I remember him from Manopticon, so many of that gang have gone on to great things ...

  2. FRANK says:

    Oh, love you, you cynical old thing.

    I do appreciate your reservations. I follow the comments on and believe me there are a lot of fans who share your views and aren't convinced by the film.

    Since when has 'Star Trek' ever been the epitome of good science? There are physics problems littering the entire Trek canon. I've never watched 'Star Trek' for its science accuracy. Nothing against those that want the science to be accurate. I've watched it for the characters and as long as they get the Kirk, Spock, McCoy axis about right then I'll be happy. If they fluff the science well that's obviously not going to make some people happy but as long as it doesn't totally bugger up the story then I'll let it pass.

    And personally, I utterly loved 'Star Trek: The (Slow) Motion Picture'. I buzzed off it for months as a teen and yes, it has its faults, but I still love its big, ponderous, sub-2001 schtick.

    But let's wait and see. I thought it would be interesting to flag up the first reactions to the film. I was expecting a far more subdued reaction and, as you say, this exultation may be down to the uber-fans who can't see the wood for the trees. Should be some Aussie paper and magazine reviews to compare soon.

  3. FRANK says:


    A less rose tinted review. I suspect my own reaction will be along the same lines.

  4. Tony Jordan says:

    My anticipation for this film grows by the day. Bring it on. :)

    And you continue to do a brilliant job with CRT Frank - keep up the good work!

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