Yes, here come the clips! Now that the film is getting its worldwide premieres over the next few weeks, Paramount has started teasing us with a few clips. Here we have Kirk chatting up Uhura and leading into the brawl in the bar that we saw in the trailers; McCoy bitching about space travel as he prepares to shuttle up to the Enterprise (with Karl Urban absolutely nailing McCoy) and lastly, Spock getting shirty at the apparent beaming up of Kirk and Scotty whilst the ship is in warp. The lens flares seem to be a stylistic flourish but have certainly annoyed the nitpickers, the sound effects on the bridge are those almost familiar noises given some strange tweaks.

IMAX preview screenings are taking place on the 7th May, one day before the wide release across the US and the UK. The premiere roadshow has just hit New Zealand. The UK premiere is 20th April.

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