In this month's Skymag magazine, distributed to all Sky subscribers, there's a one page preview of Series 2 of Ashes To Ashes - 'Fire Up The Quattro!' The preview covers the filming of a scene from the new series where a motorcyclist throws a bomb at a man and his daughter and discusses the effects used in the scene. Click on the image below. Thanks to Skymag.

No definite news on when in April the series returns to our screens but over on Dean Andrews' blog, he's just completed filming of a special trailer for the series, directed by the legendary Tim Pope.

"It was filmed on 35mm and looked very cinematic. Tim must be a genius, as he made us look very cool. It's quite easy to make Keels and Montse look cool, but he had his work cut out with the 3 boys.......but he managed it. The trailer is to be used in between programmes on the beeb to promote the fact that we will be back (fingers crossed and not definite) around mid April. I wont let you in on the trail, but there is a lot of neon, new romantics fighting and smoke......oh and the gang and Quattro!

Our producer Beth came down to have a quick chat during the shoot and told us she had delivered the first episode to the BBC.That means the process has begun and the BBC are going to be in full receipt of the whole series in the next few weeks. They will then be able to show you guys the new series in its full glory. Everyone from the very top of the BBC to ordinary folk like myself are very excited about this series."
Look out for the trailer soon and for the start of Series 2 mid April.

UPDATE: Just added this scan from the Mail, courtesy of those lovely people over at The Railway Arms (and thanks for the link back by the way) which covers the shoot for the new trailer. Loving Keels spotty blouse!

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