As previously mentioned, the BBC Wales crew have flown out to Dubai to film some of the scenes for the forthcoming Planet Of The Dead. The BBC Press Office have now released a statement about the filming:

"The BBC has confirmed that part of the forthcoming BBC One Doctor Who Easter special will be filmed in Dubai.

Planet Of The Dead, which stars David Tennant as the Doctor alongside Michelle Ryan and Lee Evans, began filming in January in Cardiff and the team descended on the Arabian Gulf to film further scenes for the episode.

Bionic Woman and Merlin star Michelle Ryan plays the mysterious Lady Christina de Souza who joins the Doctor on a bus-trip which takes a very unexpected detour into danger.

British comedy star Lee Evans joins the cast playing a character called Malcolm, whose life becomes connected to the Doctor's under extraordinary circumstances.

And Noma Dumezweni returns as Captain Erisa Magambo – last seen helping Rose and Donna save the world in Turn Left.

Producer Tracie Simpson says: "We rarely take Doctor Who abroad although we did visit Rome for series four's The Fires Of Pompeii which gave us some spectacular footage.

"The locations in Dubai are a perfect match for writer Russell T Davies's vision of the episode and we expect to film some incredible scenes while we are here."

Planet Of The Dead is the first of four Doctor Who Specials which will air in 2009. Written by Russell T Davies and Gareth Roberts, the episode will be screened on BBC One in Spring 2009.

The Producer is Tracie Simpson; Executive Producers are Julie Gardner and Russell T Davies. Doctor Who is produced by BBC Wales and is filmed in Cardiff."

And we have some publicity shots courtesy of the BBC and the official site.

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  1. Ah... I was wondering why El Doctoro didn't die in the final episode. We Yanks are a bit behind on the Who-front anyway :-) I hope BBC America gets these.

  2. FRANK says:

    How far are you behind? You've definitely had Series 4 haven't you?

    Have you had 'The Next Doctor' Christmas Special?

  3. No Christmas Special yet. The last episode (last weekend) was the series finale (I believe) with Donna being returned home and her memory wiped.

  4. Squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    *is excited*

    I might ALMOST get used to Michelle Ryan as a brunette.

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