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ITV will not be recommissioning Demons it seems. Here now, dry your eyes.

According to that ever reliable comic, The Sun, the producers have thrown in the towel because Philip Glenister decided not to return for a second series. And ITV's money troubles must also be affecting which dramas get re-commissioned and with Demons costing a small fortune and achieving rather meager viewing figures and poor critical reaction, then it does seem inevitable that a second series of an expensive flop is not on their 'to do' list.

But then again, it's terribly defeatist if you cancel a show based on the fact that one actor isn't returning. Pity they didn't use my suggestion...turn it into Mina Harker - Vampire Detective.

However, some very good news for Being Human fans. Series 2 has been commissioned for a further eight part run!

According to Digital Spy: 'BBC Three controller Danny Cohen said of the series:

"I'm thrilled that we are recommissioning Being Human. It's hugely popular with young viewers and [has] earned great critical acclaim at the same time. It's also a very improtant staging-post in the successful development of home-grown young drama on BBC Three."

Speaking of possible series two storylines, executive producer Rob Pursey said:

"We already have some very exciting, very dark new stories up our sleeves."

The Guardian has also confirmed this story. The final episode of Series 1 goes out this Sunday. Thanks to Digital Spy, and The Sun.

8 Responses to “DEMONS 0 - BEING HUMAN 2”
  1. Nimbus says:


    I know I'm in the minority here but it's sort of a pity about Demons, mainly because it'll probably be replaced by some cheap gameshow/reality TV prog hosted by Ant'n'Dec (not that I personally have anything against Ant'n'Dec...). ITV seem to have more success with that sort of thing.

    Then again, if it paves the way for some other drama that's as well written, but just as inexpensive, as Being Human then I'll be happy.

    Still... more Being Human, eh? Thanks for the good news!

  2. FRANK says:

    I absolutely see your point. I'd prefer more telefantasy dramas being commissioned over more game-shows and reality TV.

    Demons just needed more work on it and a second series might have afforded a shake-up in the concept. Unfortunately, in today's television climate there is less risk taking and willingness to fix things if they don't work out.

    It will be interesting to see how well the next series of Primeval does. I suspect ITV's commitment to big budget, high concept drama is now resting on the success of that series.

  3. Tracy says:

    We really didn't that coming did we !!

  4. HURRAY! Best news I've had on your blog all year :-D

  5. Nimbus says:

    There's another series of Primeval in the works? Hmm. I lost interest in that show half way through the first series (although the last episode of that series looked potentially interesting with the whole time-paradox thing).

    At least Demons kept me just about interested until the end.

  6. Sensaional news about 'Being Human'...eight episodes too!! I still maintain that this has been the best new British fantasy drama...drama period, years! Very very pleased to hear a second series is happening. I'd love to see the show reach a bigger audience but I suspect it might get a bit lost over on BBC1 or even BBC2.

    No surprise to hear 'Demons' has gone. Much as I enjoy seeing fantasy stuff on TV post-Dr Who, it really just wasn't good enough and it suffered as a consequence. The audience for these sorts of shows is pretty sophistiocated now and 'Demons' was just too bad on too many levels (and not in a good way!) to make a second series worth anyone's time. My only hope is that ITV don't abandon the genre now following it failure - but their current financial woes are likely to drive them further away from this sort of stuff (I hear 'Primeval's future beyond series three is looking doubtful) and more towards yet more asinine quizzes and reality formats. Ah well...

  7. Sydney says:

    I find it hilarious that they didn't decommission it because Glenister didn't return....
    I mean he might have been the only real "star power" but he was sort of the worst character...

    andddd note to self I shall have to watch that being human show.

  8. Kelly says:


    I can't believe that Demons is ending that was the best show (other than Doctor Who). The actors were good, and it had a great plot to it.

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