From the January 8th press conference in Universal City, California, director Nick Hurran had a few things to say about the changes they've made to the original McGoohan concept of The Prisoner.

“I don’t think it makes any difference,” Hurran said. “It’s a mixed-nationality cast. It’s a very global Village. I think we accept that now. We’re so used to a society being of every culture, every race, that it would have been quite parochial to go and do a British thing.”

And The Village is now in the middle of a desert, giving the series an entirely different feel. “Epic is absolutely the right word,” Hurran said. “The vistas that this prison gives, setting it in the Namibian desert or the non-specific desert that we don’t know where it is, the character Six runs away to get free, to escape, and just keeps running and keeps running, and there is more sand than I have ever seen in my life. It gets to places you never knew you had.”

However, Hurran acknowledged that original series fans would spot references. “There are a number of, of course, homages that the keen eye will see in what’s said and what’s worn, in pieces of architecture,” Hurran said. “Of course, there are a number of salutes that we made to the fantastic piece that was created. I think it would be a shame to take it to the next generation and not acknowledge what an extraordinary piece of work that was. [It's] enigmatic, I think slightly less surreal, but it is as bizarre, in a good way.”

ITV have not yet set a transmission date, although it is listed in their Winter/Spring press pack so we should expect it in the next few months. The series is due to air in the US, on AMC, in November.

Here are a couple of short video pieces from the AMC site. A two part interview with McKellen in Cape Town during filming and a quick behind the scenes tour.

McKellen Part 1

McKellen Part 2

Behind the scenes & Remembering The Prsioner of the 1960s

AMC's The Prisoner blog

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