More filming took place on the 26th January in St. Mary's Street (the site of Henrik's where Rose used to work) complete with bus, David Tennant and Michelle Ryan. Ace DWF reporter Scooty was on site: "Filming had been going on since about 8pm...part of the road, just down from Howells had been closed and the red double decker was parked up. The one scene, that was endlessly being shot from various angles was DT and MR getting onto the bus. MR gets on first, looking rather panicked, talks to the bus driver, then takes her seat. DT follows, flashes his psychic paper at the driver then takes his seat next to MR."

27th - 28th January also saw the crew return to the Butetown tunnel and filming of more UNIT sequences, complete with rocket launcher! Man on the spot alun.vega had this to report: "There's a barricade facing the tunnel entrance. UNIT soldiers pointing guns into the tunnel. Stage directions say: "The bus flies over your heads. Monsters fly out of the tunnel." The soldiers raise their guns as if tracking something flying over them." Lots and lots of shooting (as in UNIT troops firing), Magambo shouting orders and rocket launchers firing.

And here's Brian_Damage's location video of the whole thing too!

And mugim0e's close up view:

The evening of the 28th also saw David Tennant, Lee Evans and Michelle Ryan on set at the tunnel with the double decker bus and the TARDIS. Pictures from the brilliant alun.vega!

And here's ahremsee's video of this filming too!

With special thanks to Scooty, alun.vega, brian_damage, mugim0e and ahremsee from the Doctor Who Forum for their reporting, photos and video. Splendid stuff.

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  1. Alec says:

    top notch and thanks again for being understanding

  2. FRANK says:

    You're welcome, Alec.

  3. you havent stopped reporting the filming updates have you i so loved them

  4. FRANK says:

    Not at all, Alec.

    The crew have just flown out to Dubai for three days location filming. I'm hoping an intrepid reporter is out there and we get some nice piccies.

    If I find out anything, it'll be posted!

  5. I Found This Out:-

    I understand that the Doctor Who team flew out to Dubai today on British Airways flight BA 107!
    According to the garage that has been involved with the damaged bus, tomorrow is the start of three days filming in Dubai (11th-13th February), if any photographs/videos arrive, I will of course have them on here!
    Other information about is that all UK location filming for Planet Of The Dead is now complete (leaving planet Earth on the bus, then returning), so its all just UK studio filming now!

  6. FRANK says:

    Yes, that's correct. A contact who is out there has actually found the location filming base in Dubai. So hopefully we'll get pictures in the next few days and an eyewitness report. Hopefully!

  7. Alec says:

    i am currently making a new blog and i hve found some pictures of doctor who in dubai ill let u know the link and you can use them

  8. the pictures are on here or you coulsd got to the bbc website for them


  9. FRANK says:

    Thanks, Alec.

    I've been a bit indisposed today so I've only just had a chance to catch up with this. But thanks for alerting me. Appreciate that.

  10. no problem ill try again with the blogging and i hope ill get better

  11. James says:

    Excellent, do you have any more photographs? I bought this bus off the BBC!

  12. FRANK says:

    I don't have any other pictures but I'm sure if you search around the internet you are bound to find many more.

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