Filming is drawing to a close on AMC/ITV's revisioning of the classic cult series The Prisoner. Ian McKellen has also completed his work on the series and his blog gives us a hint of the oncoming PR that the series is about to unleash:

"The only hint of the finished show that I have seen is a 7-minute presentation spliced together to give AMC and ITV a sample of what they will get for their investment. The desert, New York City, The Village explode onto the screen, demanding attention as the action zips by. Jim Caviezel's soulful, handsome face dominates: A classic leading man. I've rarely seen such enthusiasm from producers when ours viewed the little trailer. In January, something similar will be shown to television critics when they congregate in Los Angeles to preview the upcoming shows. I expect this site will give the rest of you a taster before too long."
Ruth Wilson, Hayley Atwell, Jamie Bower and Jim Caviezel are the only main cast members now completing the filming in Cape Town.

Now in the 16th week of shooting, the production has re-created bits of New York in Cape Town, complete with taxis and police cars. Filming has also been taking place randomly in hospitals and bookstores and the Props Department demonstrated some of its latest prosthetic creations complete with very real face stubble and spurting fake blood.

AMC's The Prisoner blog

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