Screen caps from the wonderful trailer. SPOILERS AHEAD:

By adding together what information we know and these images from the trailer, it seems we are in for a Romulan plot to alter time and do some serious damage to Vulcan. Hence, the older Spock, as played by Leonard Nimoy, goes back in time to prevent the Romulan carnage and meets up with the fresh faced crew of the Enterprise.

Click on 'em to make 'em larger. Enjoy!

Kirk hangs on for dear life high above Vulcan

A young Spock on Vulcan

The Enterprise leaves Earth orbit

The boys are back in town: Spock (Zachary Quinto) and Kirk (Chris Pine)

Spock rescues Amanda on Vulcan

Temper, temper! Spock loses it with Kirk

The Kelvin approaches a huge Romulan ship

The Kelvin battles the Romulans

Villain Nero (Eric Bana) struggles with what look like masked Klingons

A spectacular skydive through Vulcan's atmosphere

Captain Pike (Bruce Greenwood) with Cadet Kirk

The new look Enterprise corridors

Kirk observes the Enterprise under construction

A rather excited Scotty (Simon Pegg)

Cadets in a Starfleet hangar with shuttles flying overhead

The Enterprise comes out of warp into devastation

The U.S.S Kelvin is destroyed

The bridge of the Enterprise

Menaced by creature on an ice planet

Amanda (Winona Ryder) and Sarek (Ben Cross) on Vulcan

  1. Lucy McGough says:



  2. FRANK says:

    I think I'll join you.


  3. Vector-Victor says:

    Certainly looks like a promising ST movie. And is it just me, or does
    Pegg's Scotty look a little like
    David Tennant?

  4. FRANK says:

    Well, he's certainly got the accent. Sort of. And there's a mad gleam in his eye!

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