Paramount have sneaked out another version of the recent Star Trek trailer. But this time instead of Eric Bana being all butch and oozing testosterone at the end of a frenetic two minute glimpse of the film there's this pointed eared old age pensioner mumbling something about 'live long and prosper'. Yes, Leonard Nimoy is in the building. Enjoy!

4 Responses to “NOW WITH ADDED NIMOY...”
  1. Yay! It has explosions and sex in it!


  2. FRANK says:

    Thank the heavens for that. It needed sexing up. That Chris Pine is a bit of a doll as the young Captain Kirk. Yummy!

  3. I prefer Sylar - oops, I mean Spock. I find the androgynous look very appealing. Macho men are not for me.

    Also looking forward to Simon Pegg as Scotty. He'll inject some good old-fashioned British humour!

  4. FRANK says:

    I'm a big Zachary Quinto fan. He's one of the few reasons to keep watching 'Heroes'.

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