Warner Brothers step up their PR juggernaut for the forthcoming
Watchmen movie with an extended trailer that showed up on The Spike TV Scream Awards (don't ask, I haven't got a clue what the hell they are) and a teaser poster. Enjoy!

Poster courtesy of CanMag and the extended trailer via You Tube.

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  1. Dave Webb says:

    Watchmen is either going to be the very best thing ever, in terms of comicbook to movie adaptations, or it will be a massive, stylized disappointment. That's the nature of hype.

    I am remaining spoiler free, as much as I can whilst still drooling over trailers, and it's quite shocking how much of the comic book appears to have been translated to the screen. A faithful reproduction isn't going to be possible, because The Black Freighter isn't going to make it in and I would be surprised if they use the Squid at the end; my feeling is they'll want something a bit more contemporary, which leaves me with nagging doubts about Rorschach's Journal too.

    I shall wait and see, and probably be delighted.

    Oh, and Spike TV (as mentioned elsewhere) is essentially Blokesville. It lacks Real Sport and Top Gear to complete the set.

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