UPDATE: 07.10.08

Overnight filming continued on the 7th October on the 'destroyed' Hub set and location. From eyewitnesses at the scene this filming with Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones surviving the explosion is for "Episode 2, Scenes 1, 2 and 3". This might suggest that the climax to the first episode is the explosion itself. A further scene apparently sees Ianto clambering out from rubble and chasing after Gwen as she steals an ambulance.

There was also a brief scene of Gwen shooting at a 'sniper'? on the roof tops above Plas Roald Dahl. Further filming will take place over the evening/early morning of 8th/9th October.

Video footage of the distressing scene where Gwen recovers from the explosion and attempts to go back into the Hub to rescue the others was captured by the wonderful Paul Mount. Thanks for sharing. There is more footage and reporting over at his blog: Paul Mount's New World Of Stuff

Later in the morning PC Andy Davidson confronts Agent Johnson with a cracking line: "Excuse me, I know Gwen Cooper, she's not a terrorist!"

More images from the utterly brilliant DWF crowd: Thanks to Hellschilde 17, Alun Vega and Brian_Damage for standing out in the cold in the wee hours of the morning to get these.


Filming has been continuing on Torchwood: Children Of Earth in Plas Roald Dahl for most of the day and concluded at 9.00pm on 6th October.

CRT thanks those intrepid reporters from the DWF for their pictorial efforts from the 6th October filming - Hells childe 17, Shelly, Alun Vega and Brocker_UK. A big mwwwahhh to you all. You can see all of Alun's fantastic Torchwood location pictures HERE on his Flickr stream.

The Hub looks a right old mess as covert agent Johnson, (Liz May Brice) scrambles through the rubble and advises the emergency services, who report they've found 'something' that 'there's no need to hurry'. A body bag is removed from the site, Ianto seems to have sustained a nasty cut (spotted in conversation with director Euros Lyn) and Gwen is seen brandishing a pair of guns during the night filming. No sign of Jack.

Russell T Davies also visited the set and observed filming of the destruction. 'Honestly,'s this big!' is the unavoidable caption for this photo!

What has happened to our heroes? Who is in the body bag? Is the Hub totally destroyed?

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